Friday, May 15, 2009

Tia Got Married!!!!

Today is the start of a weekend celebration for our youngest sister Tove! She got married last week! I am full of emotion for many reasons... I have known "Tia" for 16 years. When I found out she was married all of the memories of the past 16 years came flooding back to me... I don't have a sister and for me Tia has always been "my sister". I have known her since she was 7. I remember putting her to bed at night. I would lay in her bed with her we would talk and I would tickle her face and rub her back and play with her hair. To the rest of her siblings she was an annoying 7 year old but to me she was like the cutest thing I had ever seen. She was soo sweet and she liked me. Just because she liked me it made me love her more. Everyone likes to be liked. Heather, Bjorn and Leif were used to the whole sibling thing but for me it was something new and she filled a void of a "sister" connection. There is something to be said about being married to my high school sweetheart. I am only 32 and have such a "history" with his family and he with mine. I feel lucky to be in the situation that I am in. I "know" my husband and his family more in depth and deeper than I would if I were to marry him at the age of say 25. I know almost EVERYTHING about this family and they me. We know personalities, idiosyncrasies, likes dislikes ect... just like a family should.

As I said earlier my heart is FULL of emotion... I really miss Heather the oldest Bornes sibling. Most of you know she passed away from cancer 2 years ago after an 11 year battle. I also feel lucky to have been there from the beginning of her diagnosis. Heather was pregnant with our nephew Tristan and she had just come home from seeing Jimmy our OBGYN and she said that the nurse felt something on her side and she told the nurse it was her "big" organ. And of course the nurse said no I don't think so... and so began her 11 year journey of cancer. Bjorn and I were sitting at the table when Heather came home and told us the story of what happened at her doctors appt. and of course I was very young and not very tactful... So I said "Maybe it's a TUMOR- which was the furthest thing from her mind at the time, because she was pregnant and happy and going to marry Scott and she had a great job and life was great for her and here I come ruining her thoughts... come to find out, it was in fact a gigantic tumor. But it is experiences like these that I cherish. I knew/know Heather for many years. She too was like my sister but my older sister whom I looked up too. She taught me the things an older sister teaches her younger sister.. She taught me how to do my hair, makeup and about fashion. I'll blame her for my LOVE of those things...hehe. I miss her because I KNOW how much JOY she would have for our little sister Tia. I wish she were here so we could plan Tia's life for her... we were great at planning other people's lives for them... I wish she were here so we could talk about the nieces and nephews that Tia and Ryan are going to have and about how Tia and Ryan are going to have to go through all of the things that newlyweds go through. I know she is here with us but I wish she were here in a physical sense. I want to have her here at this time in our life as a sister. NO ONE knows us like our family does.

I have Millions of memories of the Bornes family... I cherish my family more than anything...I would go to the ends of the earth for them. I have chambers in my heart reserved for them and me being the mother bear that I am I fearlessly protective... like how a mother bear is protective over her cubs.. I feel that way about my family... no one can love them like I do... Right or wrong I am on their side... I get that from Papa...

Tove is entering a new chapter of life. She is an adult and now a married woman. She has always been 7 to me and when she got married, I was like Whoa!! She is not 7 anymore she is a woman in her twenties and makes her own decisions. It's hard for me to "let" her go and become a woman, but I have too. I have to respect her in a different way now. My mind has gone through an adjustment period over this past week and I have had to realize that she is no longer the little girl I want her to be. I truly hope she is eternally happy and has lots of babies and remains "best friends" with her husband. I do feel good that she took our advice and married her best friend. Bjorn and I are absolute best friends!! We don't give out advice often because we are NOT experts on marriage( in may cases we are the example of what not to do) but we did offer her the advice to marry her best friend.

Tia, I hope you and Ryan find Eternal joy and happiness. We now have a new "brother" and we accept him and love him... we need to get to know him better, but you love him and he makes you happy so we have no choice but to be happy for you!!! We are an eternal family and no one can take that from us! Lets Party!!

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Party Time!!!

My Aunt Lorri's 50th Birthday was on Friday May 1st!!
We had a great time!! My cousins Jamee, Jenny and Jordan
and my uncle Robert did a great job surprising her!!!

Best Grandpa in the WORLD!!! I LOVE HIM!!

Whuss upp?? Party Animals!!

My Aunt Kriss!

Ohh cant forget us!!! Gotta have my eternal buddy
wherever I go!! He's like my blankie!!

Brother and Sister Tearin it up on the
dance floor!!

Aunt Kriss and Uncle Craig!!

Aunt Diane and Uncle Jim!

Noah and Nana left early!! Thanks for taking him and puttin
him to bed!!

My cousin Jamee!! We spent our childhood together always!!

Grandma Kroll and B.B. but of course!

Easter Fun!!!

We dyed easter eggs before Easter! B.B. is an old pro at it

by now!!

Noah LOVES to dye easter eggs!

He is such a good sport!!

Some of the eggs after we dyed them!

After the eggs dried, Noah could hardly wait to put stickers


Easter morning the Easter Bunny left clues all over the

house to get to the Easter presents!

They had a trail of eggs to follow to the first place.

It was like a scavenger hunt!!

Each place they went there was a surprise!

The final clue led them up to Nana's house!!

Nana was waiting for them!!

"The Easter Bunny left lots of great candy Nana!"

Then he left lots of great presents too!!

Issa and B.B. best are great cousins to eachother!

We had a Easter Egg Hunt and dinner at Aunt Janice's and
Uncle Jimmy's!

Riley looking like he's enjoying every minute of it!!

Get Ready Set GO!!

Noah was so intent on finding as many eggs as he could.


The mama and the Baby!! Ohhh I love it!

We're men, We're men in tights!! Sorry it just reminds me
of Robin Hood!!

We're men, We're men in tights, tights...TIGHTS!!

The mama and the other Baby!! Love love this pic!

My boys!!

B.B. found the golden egg!! It had 10 dollars in it. Issa found
the Silver egg which had 5 dollars in it!! It was a great day!!!

Chuck E. Cheese

We went to Chuck E. Cheese while Bjorn and B.B. were in
Utah. We had a blast! Grrandma Chris, Tia, Issa, Nana,
Leify and Zack came too. (Look how intense grandmas face
is) She won a ton of tickets for Issa and the boys!!! Thanks

Noah has wnated to go to Chuck E. Cheese forever!!
Yeah Finally!!

Noah's friend Ty came along with us!! We love Ty he totally
cracks us up!

Leif and Zack Playin some big boy games!

Lets Go Leify, Lets Go!! Tove and Zack look so thrilled
watching Leif play little kid basketball!!

Hey BO BEE!! We love her sooooo much!

They played in the tubes forever!! We had a great time!
Nana and Grandma gave us hundreds of tokens!!!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009


Nana took BB and Noah to the Tabin for a few days before we could come up. We have some great friends up there. This is Cathy- Noah calls her Taffy! We love her so much! Her husband Don is awesome too!! Their dogs Elliot and Tyson are like our own! So Cathys new name remains Taffy! She and Noah made pies one afternoon. He had a blast! She let him climb on her counter-bare feet and all!

Typical BB and noah at the cabin! No fighting!! Yeah!!

We went to Red Lodge one day. Our FAVORITE place to eat there is Bogarts!!!

YUM!!! The best Pizza we have had! The other place we love is in Sundace at the Foundry Grill!!

Noah was in heaven that day because we went to this Enormous Candy Store!!

We of course had to go back to where we were married!! Rock Creek Resort!!

When were leaving Rock Creek Resort we came across this street! OK so its not the correct spelling, but you get the point.

We got snowed in!!! Bjorn left early that morning and we were going to leave later on. The weather in Montana changes so quickly!! We had to stay an extra day!! The boys loved it!

The Boys hangin out in Nana's room.

Nana had a birthday on March 19th. She is 55! I made dinner for her and we had a partay!!
This is my grandma Kroll!! We all love her so much!

Grandpa Kroll and Noah!!